"A Journey to the Centre of the Earth"


Author: Jules Verne

Language of the book: Russian

First Published: 1864

Note: I read this book in 2017 and wrote a review in Goodreads, however, I decided to share it here too with some amendments to it.

I have just turned the last pages of the amazing journey from the North to the South part of Earth. I loved the idea of a journey and the impossible theory that the Earth is hollow. They captured my attention from the first minutes of reading, however at the end I was a little bit disappointed that this "crazy idea" of professor Lidenbrock was not confirmed, and may be it had to be that way, after all, it was more interesting to follow experience of Axel, indignation of Professor Lidenbrock and composure of Hans. What obstacles only the nature did not put before the main characters. I caught myself on the thought to join them in the journey full of vivid impressions.

Jules Verne wrote very detailed descriptions of different rocks, fossils and geological processes in general. I have to admit that in some moments it was quite difficult to read, since I am a layman in this area but the journey and a fantastic plot sucked me into the vortex of adventure. The author gave me personally to see, what it is like to see the world under the earth for two months of travelling in the bowels of the Earth. And how beautiful it is on the earth or under it - the Earth is unique.