Adorable Bookmarks


It is so beautiful. For the first time I earnt a bookmark that is not square or round shaped. I remember that I received it for being one of the few who did the homework for the module while I was studying at a university.  And I keep it with pleasure. This bookmark I use solely when I read fantasy books. 

This adorable Panda bookmark I received when I attended Chinese classes at the university. It is so lovely. I use it when I read books related to Chinese history and culture.

A Rose Book bookmark I got when I was a teenager. It was quite a long time ago. I obtained it from the shop that sells educational, fiction and non-fiction books mainly in Latvian language, and stationery. Probably I received it as a gift after I purchased something at "Jānis Roze" shop.

A standard usual bookmark from "Polaris" bookshop which sells a handful of Russian books in Latvia. I got it around 5-6 years ago when I was in Riga. Typically I use it for non-fiction books like law and psychology.

World of Reading bookmark is a surprise from Book Depository which I received in my order with "SAO: Aincrad" manga. I find the bookmark very cute as two people are immersed in the bookish world and it gives me positive vibes. Obviously, I'll use it when reading manga as it is it's destiny.

A bookmark with white feather from my School which everyone received when the School celebrated 65th anniversary. On the feather is written "A.S.Pushkin" a great Russian poet after whom the School was named. Currently, I use this bookmark in the "Rizzoli & Isles: Last to Die" book. But plan to use it when I'll read classic books. 

I guess everyone has that bookmark that you don't remember exactly how you got it. So this is the case with this lovely Winter bookmark. On it is written "Veliky Ustyug" (a city in Russia) where resides Russian Father Frost. This bookmark so far I haven't used since the moment I got it. But as I have found it I'm going to use it in the books related to the Winter theme.

A Swedbank bookmark that I got it from a representative of the bank who visited our school. I'm thinking of using it with YA books since it reminds me with

Get ready to be Electrified by this awesome Chinese bookmark. I remember it was Chinese class which fall exactly on Chinese New Year and our teacher gave us some presents including bookmarks. I usually use it with any book that will elevtrify me with the story.

A Vintage bookmark from Blackwell's order with "SAO: Fairy Dance" manga books. Absolutely lovely picture with a quote on the other side:

"THERE, in the Broad, within whose booky house
Half England's scholars nibble books or browse.
Where'er they wander blessed fortune theirs:
Books to the ceiling, other books upstairs;
Books, doubtless, in the cellar, and behind
Romantic bays, where iron ladders wind." 
                                                        John Masefield
The bookmark reminds me of the past of humans, thus it destined to be read with history books.