First Book in Psychology


Author: Dr Christian Jarrett

Language of the book: English

First published in: 2011

The first psychology book that I came across is "The Rough Guide to Psychology: an introduction to human behaviour and the mind" by Dr Christian Jarrett.

This book gave an awesome insight in Psychology. The book covers a few but very interesting topics, it's evident that the all topics related to this science cannot be put in a single book, because Psychology is simply vast field to explore.

The book serves an introductory purpose in the field. It is almost about everything how our brains work, different types of memories, language acquisition, people's behaviour in a different situations and why we act the way we do and so on... It is a very well written, so it is easy to read it, all terminology is supported by explanations, lots of references to the works of the psychologists, psychiatrists neuroscientists ... from around the world, so if you liked the book, there is more out there to read.

I expanded my horizons by learning a little bit of history of Psychology, what parts of brain are responsible for and what causes are of the damaged parts of brains, talking to each other chapter was of particular interest to me as it gave me deeper understanding how I personally have learnt languages and how it shapes our thinking. It is hard to put on paper all what I have read and what got my specific interest. But I am pretty sure that by reading this book I have developed new neural pathways and strengthened the ones that have already existed in my brain.