"Memories of the War"


Author: Nikolai Nikulin

Language of the book: Russian

First Published in: 1975

"Memories of the War" by Nikolay Nikulin is a book that describes all horrors, atrocities, revellings of the "Great Patriotic War" (1941-1945) as it was known in USSR and as it is known in, nowadays, Russia, which was a part of World War II (1939-1945). 

The book itself portrays sincerely and truly the reality of wars, not like it is described in books written by "glorious" generals and marshals, who haven't fought in front lines, but sat in their comfortable "offices" in rear.

 I was a little bit stereotypical towards great victory of Soviet Union, however this book dispelled this greatness in a blink. The first pages of the book evoked feelings of disgust of the war. I have realised that the true heroes are those who're not with us anymore and some of those who got lucky to be alive. Poor front line fighters who were pinned down from one side by Nazis and from the other side by irresponsible, full of a hearty meal, cruel Russian officers higher in rank. 

Not all, but some of the Russian officers in command of certain divisions were total shame. Sexual abuses, irrationaly developed operations because of which thousands were dying, or instead of thinking how to conduct proper operations these beasts were having fun with girls, and the most terrible was that they shot their own men because of silly reasons that have not really happened. I'm so sorry for those soldiers who truly protected the country, who in majority cases have died on front lines. 

In my opinion, Nikolay Nikulin has fought with honor. He didn't abuse young girls unlike other soldiers and has respected valuable, art property when occupying houses of german citizens. In general this book is about daily life in the war, where every day you simply live in fear.

To conclude, I cannot say that I loved this book as a reasonable man would feel aversion after reading. However, it is another reminder to us and future generations not to go into a war, otherwise prophectic saying of Albert Einstein "...World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" will become a reality. 

I have read this book in Russian language, however I was lucky to find the translation of book in English. Thus, happy to share the link with you - https://www.docdroid.net/4j2AWEO/memories-of-the-war-by-nikolai-nikulin.pdf