"Rizzoli & Isles: Last to Die"


Author: Tess Gerritsen

Language of the book: English

First published in: 2012


I grabbed this book from a shop's bookshelf as soon as I read "Rizzoli&Isles". At that time I was watching the tv series.  However,  I didn't notice that it is the 10th book in the book series. And it was lying on my shelf for six years. I wouldn't have read it if not for one homework that required to read any book. And I decided to give it a chance because by the time I get all books from the series eternity will have been passed

So, I recommend to read everything in order if you want to know more about some of the details that are mentioned in "Rizzoli & Isles: Last to Die" from previous books. 

Appologies for such a lengthy entry.

Jane and Maura Isles were put to work on a new case of a kid named Teddy Clock who has survived another tragedy in his life. His foster family has been murdered and Teddy ran away to a neighbour. Teddy opens up to Jane and she learns that his life has been horrific. Meanwhile Maura visits a friend at Evensong, a school for children like Teddy. There she learns about Claire and Will two other children who share similar stories to Teddy's. Too much for coincidence, isn't it?!

Jane reasonably thinks that Teddy is not safe in Boston so she takes him to a most secure place to the Evensong school where Maura and the staff at school could look after them. But a story doesn't end with this. Strange events and secrets start to swirl around the "most secure" place and children are found in danger once again.

As Jane and Frost investigate the case a reader follows them too, worrying about the children, trying answering questions one after another when finally comes the realisation of what is happening around and that is when Tess Gerritsen throws a mind blowing twist plot which puzzles you even more. However, at the end all threads become one and a reader is left thrilled and staggered.

Some may not like this but I enjoyed reading the book from different angles, perspectives of Jane and Maura, children and an antogonist. It was like watching 360 degrees video that gives a perspective on the situation from the contrasting views.

Overall, Lost to Die was a can't put down type of book that immersed me into the side of world that is ain't a unicorn and rainbows but grayness mixed with blood which made me to wonder how this can exist in some human lives.