"The Laws of Brain"


Author: Andrey Kurpatov

Language of the book: Russian

First published in: 2019 (Revised edition)

I have just finished this very interesting and informative book. "The Laws of Brain" by A. Kurpatov I bought solely to find out the answer for my questions "Whether it is possible for a human to change the character?" and "How it can be achieved?" For both questions I found answers in the book. 

However, in the process of the reading I learnt so much more. For example, what role dynamic sterotypes and dominants play in our everyday life. And who created and developed this concepts. It was for me a discovery how some of our reactions in daily life are just exaggerated. The part I liked the most is the rules that the author provided how to react towards situations that cause fear, irritation and sadness. Moreover, I am glad that the author not only was quoting reknowned people who made invaluable contributition to the development of the psychology but also supported every theoretical aspect with examples from real life through his own experience as a psychiatrist. 

In terms of difficulty to read the book it was a tough one to read. Thus it definitely requires rereading because, for instance, my brain process such books slowly. While I was reading it I took notes so later I can reread them. 

This book is not psychological therapy course so do not please expcet this from it. Nevertheless, once you read it  will something change in your self-perception and people around you.

Unfortunately, this book is only available in Russian language, those of you who know Russian language here are some sources where you can get electronic version of the book and hardcopy.